Add Some Wow Factor With These Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Add Some Wow Factor With These Bathroom Remodeling Trends

May 9, 2022

We often overlook bathrooms as they aren’t as Instagram-able or glamorous as the rest of our living spaces. But don’t forget that these rooms are used daily, even three times a day, and by everyone. That makes their design as important as, say, the living room. So, if this is the year you choose to pay attention to upgrading your bathroom, we’ve got you covered! These latest bathroom remodel trends will take your bathroom from basic to lavish.

Organic Material

While stone comes to mind first, natural stones of different colors and textures and plants are being incorporated in bathrooms to establish a connection with nature. Everybody is trying to bring the revitalizing and refreshing aspects of the outside inside.

Spa-Like Features

Everybody wants a spa-like bathroom feel. Go for luxurious bathroom features when remodeling. Think superfluity finishes like detailed mosaic shower pan tiles, minimal framing, quartz or granite countertops, modern under-mount sinks, stylish hardware, and a euro-style door fitted with thick glass. You can also add scented candles to create a personalized and romantic feel.

Double Shower Heads

Waiting for your partner to finish showering is now a thing of the past. Showers have grown bigger and bigger over the past couple of years, and recently we’ve seen showerheads for two. They aren’t essential, but they do add luxurious value to the space.

Bathroom Technology

Millennials entering the housing market have influenced the introduction of technology in bathroom spaces. Think heated showers and floors manned through mobile devices, voice-activated lighting, shower, and toilets. Gadgets are the new bathroom accessories.  

Statement Marble

 If murals are over-the-top for you, marbles are a great substitute. Add gray or white shade marble for that high-end luxurious feel. Create opulence by using contrasting materials to create a tactile texture to the bathroom.

Bold Wallpaper

Bold and colorful wallpapers bring a playful pop to the otherwise serene bathrooms. Whether you love the romantic floral patterns or a more tropical-themed bathroom, the possibilities are endless with wallpaper. When remodeling, this is another chance to get playful and creative and add a personal touch to your bathroom.

Compact Storage

In the next few months, we’ll see more bathroom spaces opening up, including closets, dressing areas, and laundry rooms, installed in a simplified and minimalist style. This will minimize storage stress as well as keep these spaces neat.

Vintage Furniture

Vintage pieces and furniture spark visual interest and become a conversation piece in the bathroom. You can install a vintage armoire, drawers, or a sideboard for your vanity. It adds complexity to your new bathroom design.

Every room needs a few touches here and there to give it a well-rounded, refined and up-to-date look and feel, and this goes for the bathroom. With the numerous trends coming up, there are endless possibilities for bathrooms by just getting creative and doing some little research here and there. With the above bathroom remodeling styles, you’ll have the ability to influence the vibe and mood you need for your bathroom. Good luck!

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