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Garage Conversions

Have unused garage space that might be better purposed as something else? RN Home Improvements and Repair specializes in transforming your garage into something more! Our garage conversions help homeowners in Waco, TX add value to their homes and unlock the potential of a brand-new space.

We have garage remodeling experience across all types of garages—single- and dual-car garages, as well as attached and detached garages. Talk to our experienced team about your vision for a garage transformation and we’ll draw up plans for something amazing. Some of our projects include:

Studios and workshops: Whether you’re an artist, a musician, woodworker or craftsman, you need a space that’s dedicated to your passion. We can transform your garage into a studio or workshop that meets your needs. From adding more light to finishing the space to feel more comfortable and inviting, so you can practice your craft.

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  • Living suites: Have an elderly parent moving in? A college kid moving home? Garage conversions add livable space to your home, and can be configured to be private suites to help your long-term live-in guest maintain autonomy. We can also create rental spaces out of repurposed detached garages.
  • Rec rooms: If you’ve always wanted a man cave or a place to entertain, your old, unused garage could become that space! We renovate garages to make them comfortable, versatile spaces for entertaining—from movie theaters, to home bars, to a place where you can kick back and relax with the family.
  • Functional space: Have a different idea for your garage? We’ve completed all types of garage renovations across Falls County, TX and welcome your ideas. Talk to us about design, amenities or concepts and we’ll compile them into a place that’s truly transformative.

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Ready to begin your next project? Get started with RN Home Improvements and Repair today and bring your vision of a functional, versatile, enjoyable space to life, be it with a garage conversion, concrete contracting, or one of our many other home improvement services. Reach us today at 254-227-2345 to discuss the details.

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