Home Remodeling in Waco, TX

You love your home and wouldn’t dream of moving, so you’re considering a home remodeling job in Waco, TX. Not everything’s perfect. You see your house up close every day, so you know exactly where things could use a little improvement. RN Home Improvements and Repair knows that you only want the best for your living space in Waco, TX. That’s why we assist in broad-range house remodeling projects, including foundation repairs, home additions, windows and doors, and more.

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Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the most-used, most-valuable room of your home. Working with a kitchen remodeling contractor can breathe new life (and value) into your everyday living experience. From space planning to the actual renovations themselves, our team takes kitchen renovation seriously from start to finish. That includes cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, plumbing and fixtures, lighting and much more.

Bathroom Renovations

Does your bathroom leave you feeling relaxed and revitalized each day? Or is it a room you try to spend as little time as possible in? If your bathroom isn’t welcoming, beautiful and comfortable, it’s time to call a bathroom remodeling contractor. We’ll handle the renovations to improve the quality of this space. Call us for tub-to-shower conversions, countertops and vanities, sinks and toilets, flooring, lighting and everything else your bathroom demands.


Home Improvements

General home improvements can go a long way in preserving the value and personality of your home. We assist homeowners in reinvesting in their property through strategic updates and improvements, like the following:

  • Window installation: New windows improve comfort and energy efficiency, keeping your heating and cooling costs low. They’re also great for security and noise reduction.
  • Foundation repairs: Problems with flooding in your basement? Cracks in your foundation? We’ll repair them and put your home back on solid ground.
  • Door installations: Door upgrades renew a sense of security and give your home personality. They’re a great investment—you’ll use them every day!

Home Remodeling

Raise the Standard of Your Home

RN Home Improvements and Repair is committed to helping homeowners reinvest in their property and the home they love, whether it’s in their deck installation, their garage conversation, or something else entirely. Contact us today at 254-227-2345 to schedule a consultation.