Drywall Repair Services in Waco, TX

Drywall Repair Services

You’ll find that drywall repair services in Waco, TX are a critical part of not only aesthetics but also add a cost-effective solution to partitions. When it comes to renovating and creating new spaces in the home, the walls, beams and everything holding the structure in place are some of the most essential aspects.

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The roofing repair and drywall contractors at RN Home Improvements and Repair can help you set up your structural drywall boards which are coated with plaster for a smooth or textured finish. One of the perks of having drywall is that imperfections can beautifully be masked with a preferred texture.

Drywall Contractors Providing Excellent Services


Your drywall contractors in Waco will also do taping, which is an essential technique for a seamless and neat finish in results. Tape covers joints and other areas you don’t want to get any plaster on. Taping also strengthens the connection between dry walls, which provides a more robust finish.


Corner beds are one of the foundational parts of setting up the drywall structure. The drywall beds connect the corners of each drywall.


There are three main types of drywall textures: orange peel, popcorn and knockdown. Each surface texture features layering to help create the effect.


The knockdown texture features flat, uneven patterns that look elegant and fit in with many décor finishings. Some drywall contractors use knockdown textured drywall as a first choice because it is chic and reminds us of Mediterranean architectural designs. The grooved sides may require e more cleaning navigation than the popcorn and orange peel textures.

Orange peel

In comparison to the knockdown texture, orange peel is straightforwardly easy to clean as going over the walls with a cloth is simply done with little to no effort. Orange peel is also referred to as “eggshell.” It gets the name “orange peel” from closely resembling an orange peel and what’s more, this drywall installation is less expensive.


The texture popcorn or acoustic is another bumpy surface used with dry walls. Textures help cover any drywall repair or imperfections that occur. Popcorn is a common texture often used as it also sometimes dampens noise.

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